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Tuesday, 9th May 2017
Ms. Prisca Boonabantu, Undersecretary in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, has called for partnership with China in the area of nuclear energy development for peaceful purposes. This was during a visit of officials to the People's Republic of China from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral development and the Uganda Atomic Energy Council.

The visit that took place in Beijing China from 2nd to 5thMay 2017, was organized by the China Zhonguan Engineering Corporation (CZEC), a subsidiary of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC). It came as a follow up to an earlier visit held in Kampala in March 2016. The visit provided a platform for the team to engage key Chinese nuclear energy agencies such as the China National Nuclear Safety Administration(CNNSA) and China Institute of Atomic Energy(CIAE); and get a deeper understanding on the peaceful use of nuclear energy and the technology advancement in its development.

The Delegation, which was headed by Ms Boonabantu and was accompanied by Uganda Embassy, Beijing officials was able to visit the CNNSA state of the art emergency rapid response control centre which monitors all nuclear active sites in China, a Miniature Nuclear Source Reactor and a fast Nuclear Reactor at the CIAE, where they saw firsthand the use of nuclear energy for energy generation, research and training purposes. 

Ms. Boonabantu, said that Uganda's Vision 2040 blueprint incorporates the development of Nuclear Energy as part of the future energy mix. "Plans have been made in Uganda to have clean and safe energy generation sources with nuclear being one of them", she said.  She added that the Government has also planned to sensitize the public on the peaceful and safe use of nuclear energy. She emphasized that Uganda welcomes partners to help build, train and develop the nuclear energy in line with IAEA regulations

Mr. Yang Chaodong,President of CZEC informed that China was ready to partner with Uganda in the area of nuclear energy development. He noted that his company was the key state owned enterprise that had specialized in development of nuclear power plants, miniature nuclear source reactors in China and across the globe in countries such as Pakistan, Nigeria, Ghana and Algeria. He informed that various training opportunities are offered by the Government of China in the area of nuclear energy. He said China was ready to foster closer cooperation with Uganda through partnerships and dialogue. 

Participants in the visit were able to visit an on-going construction of a Nuclear Power Plant in Fuqing China where they got to know the latest information about the current project. The visit also agreed on the text of a Draft MoU between Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development and China National Nuclear Energy Corporation.